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Gummy Bear, Blue Razz, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, Apple Berry Blast, Blueberry Cherry Cranberry, Skittles, Pink, Lemonade, Watermelon Ice, Kiwi Passion Guava, Tiger Blood

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kream disposable vape Price Online

Price of Kream Dispo Vape

For sale is a Kream 2g dispo Vape.

Online purchase of Kream 2g Dispo Vape

The Kream Disposable Vape costs $69.99 and includes a charger, battery, and two cartridges.


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4 reviews for Kream disposable

  1. Hiroshi Rina (verified owner)

    “The Cherry Cola cart had a unique and fizzy flavor and offered an energizing and cerebral high.” – Michael

  2. Diogo Joana (verified owner)

    “The Orange Sherbet cart had a refreshing orange flavor and delivered a relaxing and euphoric buzz.” – Stephanie

  3. Matthew (verified owner)

    “The Bubblegum Kush cart had a sweet and bubblegum flavor and put me in a blissful and uplifted mood.” – Rachel

  4. Hassan Amina (verified owner)

    “The Bubblegum Kush cart had a sweet and bubblegum flavor and put me in a blissful and uplifted mood.” – Rachel

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